Senior Data Warehouse Consultants


As a Senior Data Warehousing Consultant, you will join an experienced and dynamic team within which you will be responsible for a very broad variety of projects, all with one aspect in common, however: advising clients on how to harmonise their operational and IT processes.

You will be required to:
• complete a definition study
• develop a decision-making information strategy
• assess the impact of the requirements imposed upon the organisation on its IT structure

You will help the client to develop a vision and ensure that this is converted into concrete reality and put into practice. You will work with multidisciplinary teams made up of the client’s staff. A Data Warehousing Consultant is the mainspring of any Data Warehousing project. Drawing on your extensive experience, you will bring real added value to the client’s organisation in your role of consultant.

As a Data Warehousing ETL consultant, you will be required to

• analyse the design of clients’ Data Warehousing models and of the data model of Forcea’s Data Warehousing HealthReport solution
• analyse the structure and function of data flows and ETL procedures
• develop loading and transformation procedures using cutting-edge ETL software
• help to determine and optimise development standards
• continuously conduct market analyses for the latest ETL technologies


• Higher education or equivalent experience
• More than 2 years’ (junior post) or 5 years’ (senior post) relevant professional experience
• Familiar with Data Warehousing concepts: star configurations, cardinality, data modelling, etc.
• Mastery of Business Intelligence, Scorecarding and Performance Management solutions would be an asset: Cognos, Microsoft, Oracle, Business Objects, SAS, etc.
• Excellent technical knowledge of relational databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
• Analytical mind
• A thirst for knowledge
• Creativity
• Good knowledge of Dutch and French. Knowledge of English would be a plus

We can offer you

• An interesting and varied job, full of exciting challenges
• No sponsorship, but targeted projects
• The opportunity to forge experience in the design and development of pre-set solutions
• An attractive salary package, including a company car, hospitalisation insurance, group insurance, a laptop computer, a mobile phone and expenses
• Possibility of part-time teleworking
• Long-term prospects, a skills management programme and a personal development plan


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