Forcea and IMS Health teams come together in a single location


In the two years since Forcea first joined IMS Health, our respective teams have collaborated closely. To further stimulate the exchange of ideas, methods and technologies, we have now consolidated our teams in a single location: the Davos Building Corporate Village in Zaventem. Underscoring this move and the strength of our collaboration, we are also now supporting our customers under a single identity: IMS Health.

Together, we remain committed to delivering a proactive, high quality service and solutions, including Forcea Hospital Hummingbird and Forcea HealthReport, that reflect our technical and functional expertise and our focus on constant innovation and improvement.

The next working groups, steering committees and seminars will be held in our new offices.

Please note that our move has resulted in changes to telephone and fax numbers. Our new general phone number is 02 627 32 11 and our new fax number is 02 649 67 75.

Forcea HealthReport update reflects ongoing commitment to meet user needs

Just released from our development team is Version 11.3 of Forcea HealthReport. Reflecting the continued evolution of this solution in line with hospital needs, the new update incorporates a range of additional features including several resulting from user suggestions. About 20 developments discussed in the Forcea HealthReport and Forcea HealthReport Finance working groups have been integrated. Substantial expansion of functionalities in the PreFac module to enhance analysis and reporting of the amounts blocked for billing due to fatal errors. This allows hospitals to take targeted action and thus has a positive impact on the completeness and speed of invoicing. Extended functionality of the FHR Questionnaire module. This is a crucial element in the projects of indicators distribution, automating the audit results and forms to the DWH and institutional reporting.
Special attention to the ergonomics of screens for setting the DWH and the redesign of the ReportPacks ADT and Agenda.
To learn more about Forcea HealthReport Version 11.3 and its new features, please contact our team  at healthreport [at]

The ‘Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis van Aalst’ chooses Forcea HealthReport for fast, consistent information

Having previously participated in the Forcea Hospital Hummingbird benchmark modules: People Performance; Minimal Clinical Nursing Data; and Minimal Clinical Medical Data, the Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis van Aalst (ASZ) has now also chosen Forcea HealthReport. Speaking of this decision, Alain Parewyck, Administrative Director explains: "The ASZ aspires to open communication. Within this framework, we have chosen the Forcea HealthReport decision-making information platform as a uniform and quick way to provide steering information, not only in terms of financial and administrative data but also in terms of, for example, quality and customer satisfaction."
In a first phase ADT, TarFac, MZG and Pharmacy will be used, augmented by Forcea HealthReport Registration Add-on.