In the two years since Forcea first joined IMS Health, our respective teams have collaborated closely. To further stimulate the exchange of ideas, methods and technologies, we have now consolidated our teams in a single location: the Davos Building Corporate Village in Zaventem. Underscoring this move and the strength of our collaboration, we are also now supporting our customers under a single identity: IMS Health.

Together, we remain committed to delivering a proactive, high quality service and solutions, including Forcea Hospital Hummingbird and Forcea HealthReport, that reflect our technical and functional expertise and our focus on constant innovation and improvement.

The next working groups, steering committees and seminars will be held in our new offices.

Please note that our move has resulted in changes to telephone and fax numbers. Our new general phone number is 02 627 32 11 and our new fax number is 02 649 67 75.

Tuesday, 29 March, 2016