Just released from our development team is Version 11.3 of Forcea HealthReport. Reflecting the continued evolution of this solution in line with hospital needs, the new update incorporates a range of additional features including several resulting from user suggestions. About 20 developments discussed in the Forcea HealthReport and Forcea HealthReport Finance working groups have been integrated. Substantial expansion of functionalities in the PreFac module to enhance analysis and reporting of the amounts blocked for billing due to fatal errors. This allows hospitals to take targeted action and thus has a positive impact on the completeness and speed of invoicing. Extended functionality of the FHR Questionnaire module. This is a crucial element in the projects of indicators distribution, automating the audit results and forms to the DWH and institutional reporting.
Special attention to the ergonomics of screens for setting the DWH and the redesign of the ReportPacks ADT and Agenda.
To learn more about Forcea HealthReport Version 11.3 and its new features, please contact our team  at healthreport [at] forcea.be.
Monday, 15 February, 2016