Congratulations to Forcea customers on winning ‘QI @ work: Together we Improve' awards

On Friday, December 4th 2015, 227 participants gathered in Brussels for the fourth Quality Conference, built around the theme of 'indicators'. An important part of the seminar were the posters, sharing strong practical case examples from various hospitals within the industry. As announced on the website of Zorgnet Icuro, the first and second prizes in the competition for best poster were awarded to UZ Gent and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg in Genk, respectively. (All the posters can be accessed via this this link)
We would like to extend our warm congratulations to our customers,  UZ Gent and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, on this recognition of their work. We are delighted and proud of the success they have achieved with their projects, which were created using our Forcea HealthReport solution.

AZ Klina also chooses to collaborate with Forcea


AZ Klina  chooses Forcea as a partner for the development of a strategic BI platform. Ludo Splingaer, Financial Administration Director describes the project as follows: “At AZ Klina we believe that creating a healthy organization goes hand in hand with decision-making information of the highest standard.  We want to offer each patient highly qualitative, safe and patient-friendly care. Therefore, we continuously build on a patient safety culture in our organization and AZ Klina employees continuously strive to improve the level of care.To demonstrate AZ Klina’s quality, we have started an accreditation process in order to obtain a global quality label. To support these projects, there is an increased need for policy-oriented information within the hospital. Furthermore, the increasing reporting requirements of the hospital with regard to the many government stakeholders requires a hospital-wide decision-making information system.”

In a first phase AZ Klina will implement Forcea HealthReport ADT, TarFac, Minimal Clinical Data and the Registration Add-on.

The pool Forcea Hospital Hummingbird keeps on growing and welcomes 2 new participants in the benchmark Minimal Clinical Nursing Data in April: the HUDERF and the Sint Jozef Kliniek Bornem


We are very happy to announce that 2 hospitals have joined Forcea Hospital Hummingbird Minimal Clinical Nursing data. The Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola will now on participate in the benchmark Minimal Clinical Nursing Data. The Sint Jozef Kliniek Bornem, who already participated in the benchmark Minimal Clinical Medical Data has just signed for also participating in the Minimal Clinical Nursing data.

Our pool Forcea Hospital Hummingbird now reaches 57 hospitals in total.