Forcea strengthens its presence in Limburg: Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg chooses Forcea HealthReport


With 811 licensed beds spread over three sites, Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg (ZOL) plays an important role in the healthcare sector of ​​Limburg. Elke Panis, CFO of ZOL, explains her choice for Forcea HealthReport as a strategic management solution: "ZOL is fully convinced of the power of information management. Our ambition is to provide all our employees, thanks to the Forcea HealthReport solution, with relevant and timely information through a user-friendly portal. We absolutely want to build on the balanced scorecard model to link data in a meaningful way with our strategic objectives. We believe that Forcea HealthReport is the appropriate tool to achieve this result."

AZ Groeninge chooses to use all Forcea Hospital Hummingbird benchmarks


AZ Groeninge, a large hospital with 3,000 employees and 1,066 recognized beds spread over 4 campuses, is expanding its cooperation with Forcea. The Forcea Hospital Hummingbird benchmarks will allow AZ Groeninge to compare their data with other participating hospitals and thus measure and improve their own performance. "It is primarily the ability to integrate and combine the different Forcea Hospital Hummingbird benchmark solutions (People Performance, MCN, MCM and Medication Performance) that made us opt for Forcea. These overarching analyzes make the on-line benchmarking platform even more powerful. We are also a satisfied user of the Forcea HealthReport decision-making solution for several years now and look forward to the increasing integration of the two applications. "Said Patrick Garré, BI Manager, AZ Groeninge.

The hospital GasthuisZusters of Antwerp (GZA) trusts Forcea HealthReport as a strategic solution to develop and follow up their decision-making information


The three campuses of GZA count 1,027 authorized beds in total. Koen De Gronckel, director of finance and data management of GZA, explains his choice for Forcea HealthReport: "Evolving continuously in a decision-making information environment is very labor intensive. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult and complex to achieve this as an individual hospital. This together with the fact that GZA had to invest to unlock the data out of our new Oazis and Infohos operational systems. Additionally Forcea HealthReport has definitely earned his stripes in the Belgian healthcare market. This solution will allow our limited resources to focus on projects that bring added value within the hospital.