Forcea’s Business Intelligence services can be principally divided into 5 sub-processes:Business Intelligence (BI) is the process that converts data into structured information that can be used for the purposes of analysis, consolidation and sharing. This information therefore supports the management decision-making process and plays a crucial role in the definition of strategy, evaluation and the steering of an organisation at each of its levels. Business Intelligence is designed to give a competitive edge and is considered to be a key skill that is very valuable to companies. 

Forcea’s Business Intelligence services can be principally divided into 5 sub-processes. 


  • Study, analysis and definition of Business Intelligence strategy

    Forcea defines the Business Intelligence project strategy with the client, specifying the actions to be taken in order to achieve a specific goal and determining the objectives, needs, scope, intended results, available and required resources (in terms of budget and workforce), along with the major phases. To do this, it first of all performs an audit of existing Business Intelligence projects and a study of the client’s requirements. On this basis, Forcea determines the ideal situation and the final result towards which it is necessary to work (“as is / to be” analysis).

  • Implementation of Business Intelligence

    Forcea implements Business Intelligence solutions that generate reports and analyses for a determined corporate process, a problem or a division. 

  • Project management and Business Intelligence consultancy

    Forcea provides consultancy and project management services in the context of the launch and implementation of Business Intelligence projects, assesses the environments in place and guides the client in the selection of suitable Business Intelligence solutions.

  • Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC)

    The creation and organisation of a Business Intelligence Competency Centre boosts the chances of success of a Business Intelligence project. By setting up a Business Intelligence Competency Centre, Forcea helps the client to centralise and keep within its organisation the knowledge and expertise acquired.
    Forcea has consultants capable of temporarily backing up all roles linked to Business Intelligence and possessing the necessary skills to better organise management information. The client’s employees are then trained so that they can carry out routine tasks at the Business Intelligence Competency Centre themselves.

  • Business Intelligence training and support

    The transfer of knowledge and training is an important step in any Business Intelligence project. Once the project has been implemented, Forcea also provides its clients with assistance, maintenance and guidance services.