Performance management is a methodology making it possible to optimise the implementation of company strategies.

• Performance management is based on integrated, results-oriented analytical processes, gathering financial and operational data.
• Performance management relies on the definition, measurement and optimum management of strategic information in order to assess and steer the performance and success of an organisation.

Forcea supports the performance management methodology by implementing Scorecarding, planning, Reporting and analysis solutions and monitoring performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators or KPIs) throughout the various levels of the client’s organisation.

The success of performance management initiatives is dependent on the following elements:

• The creation of a gateway linking strategy with its implementation
• The definition of efficient, results-oriented KPIs
• The implementation of a productive communication strategy enabling all decision-makers to monitor the evolution of KPIs

Forcea’s performance management services are principally divided into 4 sub-processes.


  • Study, analysis and definition of Performance Management strategy

    Forcea defines the Performance Management project strategy with the client, specifying the actions to be taken in order to achieve a specific goal and determining the objectives, needs, scope, intended results, measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs), available and required resources (in terms of budget and workforce), along with the major phases. To do this, it first of all performs an audit of existing Performance Management projects and a study of the client’s requirements. On this basis, Forcea determines the ideal situation and the final result towards which it is necessary to work (“as is / to be” analysis).

  • Implementation of Performance Management

    Forcea implements Performance Management solutions, integrating Scorecarding, planning, Reporting, analysis and key performance indicators (KPI) monitoring functionalities throughout the various levels of the client’s organisation.

  • Project management and consultancy

    Forcea provides consultancy and project management services in the context of the launch and implementation of Performance Management projects, assesses the environments in place and guides the client in the selection of suitable Performance Management solutions.

  • Performance Management training and support

    The transfer of knowledge and training is an important step in any Performance Management project. Forcea also provides its clients with assistance, maintenance and guidance services during implementation and in the event of new developments.