General information regarding the IBM Cognos Monitoring - Auditing - Administration training:
This training answers a call to get more insight in the architecture and governance of a BI environment. The underlying goals are mostly centered around performance, trouble-shooting, and disaster prevention. 
In addition, this training learns them to:
  • General architecture (BI components, servers, databases)
  • Load processes (e.g. scheduled batch processes) and follow-up
  • Services follow-up (e.g. service restart sequence)
  • Monitoring overview
    • Availability, sanity, performance, usage and licenses
    • Monitoring vs alerting vs reporting
    • Both hardware (servers, network) as software (BI components, db)
  • Monitoring tools specific to Cognos
    • Cognos administration
    • Cognos Auditing
  • Disaster recovery procedure
Security setup and maintenance is out of scope, and will be discussed in the portal and security training.
This training will be given in dutch or in french.
System administrators and BI administrators
Working knowledge of a BI environment is helpful, but not a must. A solid ICT background is highly advised. 
 At the end of this course, participants will have better insight in the architecture and inner workings of a BI environment and its daily processes. This will help them in detecting performance issues, troubleshooting (e.g. failed loads), and preventing problems and disasters.